Bottle Toys

  • Loofa® ‘Floppy’ Water-Bottle Dog

    Loofa® ‘Floppy’ Water-Bottle Dog

    Dogs love using water bottles as chew toys because of the crinkle sound they make when they bite down. We thought, to protect each dog’s gums and add a little more fun, why not make a Loofa where customers can put a water bottle in one of our...

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  • Bottle Critters

    Bottle Critters

    Dogs just can't resist the satisfying crunch of an empty water bottle! That's why we've designed Water Bottle Crunchers! Perfectly sized for empty water bottles (or any empty plastic bottle up to 20 oz in size!) This toy packs a punch with a crunch! OK,...

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  • Lobster Bottle Cover

    Lobster Bottle Cover

    The ultimate green toy. Why throw away your used water bottles? Stuff them in this toy for crinkly fun! Dogs love the Crunch Crunch Crunch! Two squeakers for even more fun. Can also be used without a water bottle as a no stuffing toy.  

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  • Hol-ee Roller Bottle

    Hol-ee Roller Bottle

    From the maker of the Hol-ee Roller comes the Hol-ee Roller bottle which covers a standard water bottle. It protects a dog's gums while they chew one of their favorite toys - a standard water bottle.

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