Training Chains and Collars

  • Herm Sprenger - Slide Chain Collar

    Herm Sprenger - Slide Chain Collar

    Due to the short links, this chain-type slides very well through the ring. It is not permitted for VDH-verifications. Metal collars crafted by Herm Sprenger are a symbol of quality, reliability, and security, they are ideal for use in various areas of...

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  • Titan® Chain Training Dog Collar

    Titan® Chain Training Dog Collar

    The Titan Chain Dog Training Collars are argon welded and chrome plated for maximum strength and durability. They will not tarnish, rust or break. Available in a X-fine 1.5 mm, Fine 2.0mm, Medium 2.5 mm, and Heavy 3.0 mm. Chain dog training collars are...

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  • Round Nylon Dog Training Collar

    Round Nylon Dog Training Collar

    The Round Nylon Training Collar offers an alternative to chain and is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.  This training collar will not mat or damage your dog's hair. Available in sizes 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" and 26".  

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  • Comfort Chain

    Comfort Chain

    A Comfort Chain Training collar keeps dogs comfortable while training. With nylon woven through the chain, this collar provides the same control as a traditional chain with the added benefits of reducing hair pulling, skin pinching, and chain noise to...

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  • Braided Training Collar

    Braided Training Collar

    Rolled Round Braided Rope Training Dog Slip Collar The Rolled Round Braided Rope Dog Slip Collar is the perfect and humane training collar for your dog! If your dog pulls during a training session, the slip command collar will tighten until your pooch...

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