Grooming Tables, Arms & Nooses

  • Resco Grooming Loop

    Resco Grooming Loop

    The plastic slide clasps on Resco® Nylon Grooming Loops adjust easily, stay firmly in place, and release quickly for safe and secure operation during grooming sessions.

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  • Flat Braid Grooming Noose Flat Braid Grooming Noose

    Flat Braid Grooming Noose

    Flat braided nylon grooming noose. Comes in several colors.  Please select your preferred color.  If that color is not available we will contact you to discuss other color options. Inculdes a snap to clip into your grooming table arm and a...

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  • Biothane Grooming Noose

    Biothane Grooming Noose

    Our Biothane Grooming Loop is a gamechanger for grooming pets. Made of heavy-duty biothane material and durable brass hardware, this loop can withstand pulling and more. Plus, it’s waterproof, odor-resistant, and easy to clean, making it perfect...

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  • Cable Grooming Loop

    Cable Grooming Loop

    Heavy-duty Top Performance® Cable Grooming Loops are made of ultra-tough cable with a tensile strength of 1,200 lbs for maximum durability and performance! Ideal for larger dogs or dogs that chew through most grooming restraints Black,...

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  • Grooming Arm & Clamp Grooming Arm & Clamp

    Grooming Arm & Clamp

    Master Equipment™ Grooming Arms are now available in two bright colors that coordinate with our folding grooming tables. Each 3/4" square arm is made of steel. Includes a free color-coordinated grooming loop. Free 18" Color-Coordinated Grooming...

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  • Foldable Grooming Arm & Clamp Foldable Grooming Arm & Clamp

    Foldable Grooming Arm & Clamp

    Versatile and sturdy grooming arms extend to a full 48" in height and top folds parallel to shaft when it is not needed or for travel or storage. Arms are made of rugged, strong, 1" square tubular steel. Sturdy, rust-resistant cast aluminum clamp...

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  • Pet Dryer Hose Holder with Clamp

    Pet Dryer Hose Holder with Clamp

    This item Fits most hose size of pet grooming dryer. HEAVY DUTY HOSE HOLDER: For use with a heavy-duty dog hair dryer with a hose. HANDS FREE PET DRYING: An extra hand when you need it most, this professional hair dryer hose holder give you the freedom...

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  • Dual Attachment Grooming Arm

    Dual Attachment Grooming Arm

    Wonderful application for pet groomers and dog grooming starters. Grooming Arm height adjustable to 35" The clamp fits table up to 1.96" of thickness. The Large loop, Is 22" and 26" in length The Small loop, Is 22" in length. Notice: including the arm,...

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  • Overhead Grooming Arm

    Overhead Grooming Arm

    Our Master Equipment™ Overhead Grooming Arm offers maximum versatility in restraint options while grooming. The heavy-duty arm has two ¾" square vertical 48"H posts that clamp to each end of the table with a horizontal 28"L x ⅞"W...

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  • Versa Competition Ringside Table

    Versa Competition Ringside Table

    This Master Equipment™ Versa Competition Table is engineered and sized for competition settings. Durable and sturdy steel frame with non-skid feet prevents the table from wobbling. Uniquely designed with a FREE adjustable grooming arm...

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  • Purple Folding Grooming Table & Arm

    Purple Folding Grooming Table & Arm

    The portable, professional table that groomers love. Each Master Equipment® Dog Grooming Table features a pebbled rubber non-slip surface, durable goalpost-style legs that fold for easy transport, and steel-reinforced rubber feet. One-year warranty...

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