PUREfect Dog Bed - Small

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PUREfect Dog Bed - Small

SMALL bed size measures approximately 20" by 26"

Our "PUREfect" Dog beds are made of a new State-of-the-Art, 21st century fabric.  It is made of extra strong, high density but lightweight fabric.  At each intersection of the weave the fabric is heat sealed to provide a surface that is extremely TEAR RESISTANT.  The fabric also has antimicrobial, anti-odor and anti-mildew properties.  It is ultraviolet resistant and fade resistant.  It can be cleaned with up to a 50% bleach solution.  It has earned the highest international standard for safe products - GREENGUARD certification.

The PVC used to make the beds is 100% non-toxic. It includes no phalates.   It is UV resistant meaning it will not turn brittle in the sun or fade. It is all furniture grade which means no sharp edges.  The color goes all the way through the pipe so it will not show scratches.

Compare our product with others on the market and you will discover ours is safer and much much more long lasting.